Conservation Areas in Crawley  2014


  1. Almshouses, Northgate

  2. Forestfield and Shrublands, Furnace Green

High Street

Ifield Village, Ifield


St Peters and St John’s, West Green

Sunnymead Flats, West Green

Brighton Road, near the railway crossing

Malthouse Road, Southgate

Hazelwick Road, Three Bridges

  1. Southgate Neighbourhood Centre

For further details go to Crawley Borough Council website.

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Crawley’s conservation areas comprise areas that preceded the building of the New Town in the early 1950s and areas or buildings of particular note of the New Town itself.  Forestfield and Shrublands in Furnace Green,  Sunnymead Flats in West Green and Southgate Neighbourhood Centre are New Town areas with conservation area designation.