History of IVCA designation


History of IVCA being designated as a conservation area.

Land purchased in the late 1940s for what was known at the time as ‘Crawley New Town’, included the area that is now the Ifield Village Conservation Area. The Development Corporation did not develop this area, leaving it with the buildings, open spaces and road patterns that already existed. Plots were, however, developed privately in Langley Lane and Ifield Green, but with far less uniformity and density than is characteristic of the New Town.

The area round the church was designated as a conservation area first in 1981 for its historical and architectural value and its location close to the meadows and the countryside. The conservation area was expanded in 1992 to include the Ifield Village Green, Rectory Lane and Tweed Lane and again in 2013 to include Ifield Green and Langley Lane.